Business Case: EV Charging Infrastructure for the Hotel Industry

It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EV) have already become mainstream, with sales exponentially increasing over the last few years. Tesla is already claiming over 50% of the high-end sedan market with its model 3, and other manufacturers are adjusting their offerings to avoid market share loss. EV sales are growing in every market from compact cars to SUVs. As a consequence, many industries, including the lodging industry, will have to adjust quickly to a new client expectation: access to EV charging stations during their stay.

As the range of many electric vehicles now matches conventional vehicles, travellers are using their EVs on longer trips, and expect to be able to recharge their EV overnight. Failing to provide this vital service will result in losing clients to competition. 

There’s parallels here to the spread of Wi-Fi: initially a few hotels and coffee shops would offer the service for a small fee. However, within 5 years the rest of the industry found themselves playing catch up in order to adjust to new client expectations of Wi-Fi as a baseline service. 

Turn Your Stalls Into Gas Stations

The gains from investing and developing an EV charging infrastructure strategy are extensive. As the EV market is skyrocketing year over year, the demand is rapidly increasing. The key benefits are: 

Tesla Market share model 3.jpeg
  • Retain existing clients 

  • Attracting new clients by being an industry leader 

  • New revenue stream (ROI) when using Smart EV Solutions 

  • Include initiative in annual Corporate Sustainability Report (GHG reduction)

  • Attract new business, not only room booking but also to the restaurant and bar 

  • Future proof new hotel construction using strategic planning

This is a table explain the achievable ROI:   Varies on location.

EVSE EV chargers ROI.png

This calculation was based on: 

-   Two dual port smart charging units (4 EV ports) 

  • Average of 3h of charging per port per day 

  • $2/h rate 

  • Electricity costs not included as price dependant on province 

  • Does not include variables:

    • Rapid EV market increase 

    • Increase brand Image

    • Marketing opportunity

    • Loss business if status quo is maintained. 

Canadian EV Market Statistics: