Developer / Builder 

At LeadingAhead Energy we understand the importance of reliable charging infrastructure.  With drastically changing electrical codes, regulations and energy monitoring requirements, our team of EV experts can help you avoid costly mistakes.  At LeadingAhead Energy we offer a turnkey approach from consulting, planning, and procurement to installation and maintenance covering all aspects of EV charging infrastructure.  

Across the country, organizations and governments are working together to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. LeadingAhead Energy focuses on helping our clients reduce their GHG emissions and facilitates participation in Canada’s action plan to lead on climate change. As the transportation sector is a key player in the GHG emission, including charging stations at your facilities and within your sustainability planning would not only benefit the environment but also generating income.


What are the benefits for your development company?

·       Electrical requirements and regulations

·       Understanding the different type of charging stations

·       Market research

·       Return on investments

·       Comprehend load sharing/balancing/management 

·       Cost benefit designs

·       Avoid expensive mistakes

·       Understand EV regulation

·       Creating a futureproof building

·       Custom business case


Our offer

  • Consulting and planning before project breaks ground
  • Finding the best EV solution for your needs
  • Custom business case
  • Providing and installing charging infrastructure

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New market reality for developers

  • Residents and leasees expect installed EV charging infrastructure
  • Wi-fi story repeating itself with EVSE
  • Developers / owners
  • Developers / sellers